Aug 5, 2016

Episode 25 - Midnight Express [Reader’s Companion]

All aboard! To celebrate the 25th episode, BK and Rose part with some oboli for tickets on the Midnight Express.  They discuss the book in some detail, converse on the nature of Ferrymen, and then highlight one module each from the book.  There is plenty of advice on how to use the modules, and really bring some character to the train.

Buy your ticket now, or face the prospect of being thrown into the tempest by a grumpy conductor!

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Hosts: BK & Rose. 

Jul 29, 2016

Episode 24 - Project Twilight [Readers Companion]

The truth is out there!
BK hangs his 'I Want to Believe' poster, whilst Pete forages for a pants suit before opening an unauthorised investigation into 'Project Twilight'. Through the haze of Cancer Man's smoke, they unearth storytelling advice about keeping the mystery of the unknown, presenting investigation clues to players, fixing the Background: Favours (using LARP rules, no less), and Pete ambushes BK with the Background: Arsenal.

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The books mentioned in this episode were

Project Twilight
Hunters Hunted
Hunters Hunted II
Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press)  
Delta Green (Arc Dream Publishing)

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Hosts: Adrian BK and Pete.


May 8, 2016

Episode 22 - The Skinner [Reader’s Companion]

BK and Pete use The Skinner as the basis for a discussion not only around the latest title to feature Samuel Haight, but also some ideas on integrating this infamous NPC with your chronicle.  They cover off on some story ideas, explore the motivations for Sam's obsession with wolf pelts, and offer some critique on the Skinner's hunting glories.

We also mention the excellent sourcebook Valkenburg Foundation which will be reviewed in a future episode.

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Hosts: BK and Pete.

Mar 12, 2016

Episode 21 - Dark Alliance: Vancouver [Reader’s Companion]

BK and Pete step into the neutral ground of Vancouver to explore the tenuous peace between Kindred and Garou.  They discuss the book in general, highlight some of the key locations and talk about how this setting (or smaller elements of it) could work in your own chronicle.

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See you in thirty!

Hosts: BK and Pete.

Jan 9, 2016

Episode 20 - The Fool’s Luck [Reader’s Companion]

The hosts continue in the spirit of the Changeling 20 Kickstarter by devoting an episode to The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner.  

The book is reviewed in detail and the hosts dwell on a few of their favourite societies, Treasures, and themes from the book.

Join us next month for a discussion on cross-over games with Dark Alliance: Vancouver.  In the meantime, drop by the forum, the Facebook page or send us an email.
The Halls of the Arcanum game can be found in this post.
Hosts: BK, Wendell_Burke, and Darling_Rose.

Aug 3, 2015

Episode 16 Blood-Dimmed Tides [Reader’s Companion]

Take a deep breath before plunging into the Blood-Dimmed Tides, White Wolf's book of all things nautical.  BK and Pete are joined by Mike from the Darker Days podcast as they explore the oceans of the World of Darkness.

The books referenced in this episode are The Last Exodus and Blood-Dimmed Tides.
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Hosts: Adrian BK, Pete, and Mike.

May 14, 2015

Episode 14 - Anarchs!

In Episode 14 Pete and BK cover the Anarch Movement and review the book Anarchs Unbound.  After Star Wars, Ultron, and Pete's brush with security guards (whilst trying to fulfil a Kickstarter achievement), the duo discuss the role of Anarchs and how they can be used in any oWoD chronicle.  The books referenced this episode are:

Safehouses (for Shadowrun Fourth Edition).
We also debut a new segment and talk a little about the Anarchs VTES expansion.
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Hosts: Adrian BK and Pete  

Apr 1, 2015

Episode 13 - Midnight Circus [Companion Reader]

The Midnight Express will never be the same as our fearless host explodes onto the scene with special guests Bryce and Christopher to tackle one of the most infamous World of Darkness sourcebooks - Midnight Circus. It's an episode figuratively dripping with intrigue and humour as the dynamic trio reason through dangerous carnival traps, treacherous NPCs, and far, far too many fomorii.

You might pay for the whole seat on the Midnight Express, but tonight you only need the edge!
Listeners might also like Darker Days Radio Episode 63.

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Jan 15, 2015

Episode 10 - That good men do nothing: Halls of the Arcanum [Companion Reader]

Grab your Crusader Sword and Library card!  Midnight Express wraps up the first season with a Companion Reader episode for 'Halls of the Arcanum'.  After discussing over holiday viewing (The Battle of Five Armies, The Equaliser, 47 Ronin, Age of Extinction, and Only Lovers Left Alive) the hosts review this addition to 'Year of the Hunter'.  

You'll find not only an in-depth discussion of the Arcanum, but tips for using this organisation both as NPCs and for a PC chronicle.
The books mentioned in this episode were:
We also mentioned Lexicity as a good source for dead language material in the Public Domain.
Thanks again to forum user Wendell_Burke for the bumpers in this episode.
Join us in thirty for the first episode of Season 2 - Changeling: the Dreaming!
Hosts: Adrian BK, Beckett, and Mark.

Oct 9, 2014

Episode 06 - Midnight Siege: the Review [Companion Reader]

In the first full-length review episode, Adrian (BK) is joined by Mike (LostHeretic) of Darker Days fame.  They look over Midnight Siege, the big book of conflict for Vampire: the Masquerade and how useful this supplement is for chronicle design.

The books mentioned in this episode are:
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Hosts: Adrian & Mike