Feb 16, 2017

Episode 29 - It’s all in the reflexes, or Palace of the Jade Demon [Shard of Darkness]

china-1031557_1920.jpgIn the latest Shard, Darling_Rose and BK find Big Trouble in the shape of the the Jade Demon (aka Lo Pan) from The Book of Chantries.  They discuss the history of the Jade Dragon, and how to use this Nephandi and his minions for Mage (with some ideas for Kindred of the East, Vampire, and Werewolf for good measure).  

The recommended books for this Shard are The Book of Chantries, The Book of Madness, The Thousand Hells, and The Book of Crafts.  Remember that any titles purchased through our affiliate links help out the show.

The message boards mentioned by Darling_Rose can be found here and here.  You'll also find the links over at the Forum post for this episode.

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Next time, Pete and I suit up as wartime Consigliere to review a World of Darkness title and announce the first of our ongoing competitions - oWoD source books could be yours!

Hosts: BK and Darling_Rose.


Jan 15, 2015

Episode 10 - That good men do nothing: Halls of the Arcanum [Companion Reader]

raven-988218_1920.jpgGrab your Crusader Sword and Library card!  

Midnight Express wraps up the first season with a Companion Reader episode for 'Halls of the Arcanum'.  After discussing over holiday viewing (The Battle of Five Armies, The Equaliser, 47 Ronin, Age of Extinction, and Only Lovers Left Alive) the hosts review this addition to 'Year of the Hunter'.  

You'll find not only an in-depth discussion of the Arcanum, but tips for using this organisation both as NPCs and for a PC chronicle.

We also mentioned Lexicity as a good source for dead language material in the Public Domain.

Thanks again to forum user Wendell_Burke for the bumpers in this episode.

The books mentioned in this episode were:


Join us in thirty for the first episode of Season 2 - Changeling: the Dreaming!

Hosts: Adrian BK, Beckett, and Mark.


Dec 18, 2014

Episode 09 - Mage the Ascension [Game Line Spotlight]

man-1519667_1920.jpgMage: the Ascension: the game line that demanded three hosts across three time zones!

Adrian, Beckett, and Mark plumb the depths of purple and gold arcana to discuss Mage: the Ascension.

After an overview of the core concepts of the game they dive into advice on running Mage chronicles, tackle Avatar issues, elaborate on Paradigm and meet Paradox head-on.

You can join in the discussion at the forum, drop by the Facebook page, or send an email via midnightexpresspodcast@gmail.com.

Thanks to forum user Darling_Rose for the bumper, and you can look forward to more fan-created content in the new year.

In From the Bookshelf, the hosts give reviews of:


Stay tuned for the Companion Reader episode to Mage which will review Halls of the Arcanum.

Hosts: Adrian, Mark, and Beckett.