Dec 21, 2017

Episode 36 - Caution: Story frequently sideways [Storyteller Advice]


Returning for a secnd episode, Frozen Fallout gets comfy onboard the Midnight Express to share insights gleaned from the recent successful GenCon event 'Madison Under Seige'. As BK enjoys a cup of Earl Grey, Josh provides advce covering:

  • Secrets as part of a character's 'beginning equipment' 
  • Motivating players to stay 'in character' at the table (and in the LARP)
  • Pacing your story and planning for low energy or player fatigue
  • The qualities of a good Storyteller (for both LARP, and table-top), and
  • What to do if your game should be labelled 'CAUTION: Story frequently sideways'

The duo then turn their collective attention on the Storyteller's Vault, discussing considerations for new authors (especially relating to price points, and how we value free content), and then finish up with a brief overview of the latest titles for release at Drivethrurpg.

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Josh has shared the Madison Under Seige Wrap-Up Video, Madison Under Seige Facebook Community, and the Public Game Files.  He can be contacted directly via

The titles mentioned in Episode 36 (and available from Drivethrurpg via the affiliate links below) were:

Changeling: 20th Anniversary Edition 

Yours to keep (C20 Jump start) 

Dark Ages
Legacy of Lies (V20 Dark Ages Jump Start) 

M20: the art of Mage

M20 Cookbook 

Now in Print! Wraith: the Oblivion First Edition (in hardcover), and Mage: the Ascension Second Edition.


If you haven't already listened to 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade: A Retrospective then you need to follow the link and start (once you've finished our episode of course).

See you very soon for an episode that pits our hosts Against the Cult of the Crocodile God! By Crom!

Hosts: BK & Frozen Fallout 




Aug 3, 2017

Episode 34 - It’s a TARP! [LARPing in the oWoD]

mask-2246314_1920.jpgIt's a TARP!  BK and long-time listener Josh join forces to discuss LARPing (live action role-playing) and TARPing (tabletop games that incorporate LARP elements) for the old World of Darkness.  Josh is the Lead Storyteller for Madison Under Siege, a GenCon TARP event that has grown to incorporate not just Vampire, but also Werewolf, Mage, and Hunter - all at one venue.

They discuss LARPing from the GenCon and Camarilla perspectives, with a focus on storytelling, making new players feel welcome, and the types of activities that make LARPing a great experience.  

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The next episode will return to the White Wolf Magazine archive with a medical plot hook for Vampire.

Madison Under Siege uses a collaborative and open development, so Josh has shared links for listeners who would like to find out more.

Email Josh directly:
The Madison Under Siege Facebook page


Hosts: BK & Josh



Apr 16, 2017

Episode 30 - Dial ‘M’ for Metaplot

full-moon-2097326_1920.jpgAs the thirtieth episode rolls out, Beckett and BK are swept away in the swirling morass that can only be metaplot.

The dynamic duo discuss the role of metaplot in RPGs, and the oWoD in particular, offering their views on the successful narratives.

They close out by considering two aspects of metaplot from Vampire and Werewolf, with some alternate approaches to Assamites, Tremere, Stargazers, Ratkin, and Gurahl. Sadly there are no Hitchcock cameos in this episode.

Remember that we're running the first Midnight Express Competition [ for details] and $20.00 to spend with our friends at Drivethrurpg could be yours! You have until May 6th to be in the running.

Hosts: BK and Beckett.


Jan 26, 2017

Episode 28 - The World of Darkness is… [Storyteller Advice]

man-1519665_1920.jpgBK and Wendell_Burke step onto the mean streets of the World of Darkness to explore notions of darkness in storytelling, hiding the supernatural, and the role of consequence.  

This is the first in a series throughout 2017 to examine what the key concepts in the oWoD are, and how to evoke them at the table.

If you have any ideas for the list, post them over at the forum, email them to, or post on the Facebook page.

See you all in two weeks for Episode 29, featuring a new Shard of Darkness!

Hosts: BK & Wendell_Burke 


Nov 3, 2016

Episode 27 - White Wolf Magazine #40 [Storyteller Advice]

woman-1596956_1920.pngIn this second solo episode, BK focuses on one article in White Wolf Magazine #40 - namely one on Blood Cults for Vampire: the Masquerade.

He breaks the article down, offers advice and background for creating cults in your own Vampire games, and discusses the motivations of would-be cultists to make it more challenging for your players.  

As the community continues to rub off on him, there is even mention of cross-over games in this episode (without prompting).

If you'd like your own copy of this article, please visit our friends at Drivethrurpg using this link (every purchase helps the show).

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Host: BK  


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