Apr 16, 2017

Episode 30 - Dial ‘M’ for Metaplot

As the thirtieth episode rolls out, Beckett and BK are swept away in the swirling morass that can only be metaplot. The dynamic duo discuss the role of metaplot in RPGs, and the oWoD in particular, offering their views on the successful narratives.

They close out by considering two aspects of metaplot from Vampire and Werewolf, with some alternate approaches to Assamites, Tremere, Stargazers, Ratkin, and Gurahl. Sadly there are no Hitchcock cameos in this episode.

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Hosts: BK and Beckett.


Aug 3, 2015

Episode 16 Blood-Dimmed Tides [Reader’s Companion]

Take a deep breath before plunging into the Blood-Dimmed Tides, White Wolf's book of all things nautical.  BK and Pete are joined by Mike from the Darker Days podcast as they explore the oceans of the World of Darkness.

The books referenced in this episode are The Last Exodus and Blood-Dimmed Tides.

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Hosts: Adrian BK, Pete, and Mike.


Jun 26, 2015

Episode 15 - Mummy 1st and 2nd Edition [Game line Spotlight]

This month Beckett and BK explore the world of Mummy 1st and 2nd editions.  After discussion concerning the nature of these immortals, the duo cover some of the major themes of both editions, how Mummies could be used in a game, and some tips for Storytellers wanting to use the Shemsu-Heru (or any other type of Mummy) in their game.  We'll cover Mummy: the Resurrection in a later episode. 

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The books we used in this episode were:

Coming up next: a Shard of Darkness from Changeling: the Dreaming, and a Reader's Companion episode for Blood-Dimmed Tides!

Hosts: Adrian BK and Beckett.


Apr 1, 2015

Episode 13 - Midnight Circus [Companion Reader]

The Midnight Express will never be the same as our fearless host explodes onto the scene with special guests Bryce and Christopher to tackle one of the most infamous World of Darkness sourcebooks - Midnight Circus. It's an episode figuratively dripping with intrigue and humour as the dynamic trio reason through dangerous carnival traps, treacherous NPCs, and far, far too many fomorii.

You might pay for the whole seat on the Midnight Express, but tonight you only need the edge!

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