Aug 5, 2016

Episode 25 - Midnight Express [Reader’s Companion]

loco-178092_1920.jpgAll aboard! To celebrate the 25th episode, BK and Rose part with some oboli for tickets on the Midnight Express.  

They discuss the book in some detail, converse on the nature of Ferrymen, and then highlight one module each from the book.  

There is plenty of advice on how to use the modules, and really bring some character to the train.

Buy your ticket now, or face the prospect of being thrown into the tempest by a grumpy conductor!

The books mentioned in this podcast are below.  

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Rose also mentioned, you can purchase your Werewolf t-shirts here, and the ready-made V20 characters are here.

Hosts: BK & Rose. 


Apr 23, 2014

Episode 02 - Beyond the shroud [Game Line Spotlight]

abandoned-1834759_1920.jpgWraith: the Oblivion receives the full-episode treatment as Steve and Adrian cross the Shroud to discuss the nature of the Shadowlands, the Tempest and how to run Harrowings.  

There are plenty of shot-outs to the community and we tackle a couple of the questions posed on the forum.

Next month, we'll be changing tack and covering the use of Hunters in the oWoD, complete with a book review.  In the meantime, you can contact us at: or via the forum.


Our selections 'From the Bookshelf' in this episode are:

See you in thirty!

Hosts: Steve & Adrian