Web of Darkness

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Other World of Darkness Podcasts 
We're only one of a range of podcasts that cover the World of Darkness, and we'd encourage our listeners to check out the ones on this list:
Darker Days Radio
Join Mike, Chris, and Bryce (we call him Chigg) as they explore both of White Wolf’s World of Darkness settings and bring in elements of the real world with the World of Darkness.
Walking Away From Arcadia A podcast providing both basic information on playing Changeling: the Dreaming in the World of Darkness and in depth examinations of theme and content.  Great discussion that is guaranteed to make you rethink the 'game of stormy pinkness'. 
25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade: A Retrospective This podcast aims to review all of the books released for Vampire: the Masquerade in order of publication.  Knowledgeable hosts and great discussion is the norm, as well as some lesser-known insights into the game. 
Werewolf: the Podcast Josh Heath of High Level Games hosts a regular, short, focused podcast that examines the books, and concepts of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.  
Crossing Darkness Crossing Darkenss is a podcast about a event based World of Darkness game called Madison Under Siege; 4 tabletop events all hosted in the same room. A table for Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, Werewolf the Apocalypse, and Hunter the Reckoning. We host these at Conventions such as Midwinter, Origins, Gen Con and Game Hole Con.  This podcast will also cover storyteller advice, book reviews. character profiles and much much more!
Twin Cities By Night We are a podcast that does a wide array of World of Darkness actual plays. We also have a show called The Brian Diaries where I interview people involved in the White Wolf content scene. Finally I have a short podcast show called The Brian Book Club where I talk about horror fiction and how it can inspire players and storytellers for White Wolf games.
Mage: the Podcast - A podcast dedicated to Mage: The Ascension. Discussion, interviews, short stories and much more.
Onyx Pathcast - Dixie Cochran, Matthew Dawkins, Eddy Webb, and guests discuss Onyx Path and the gaming industry.
Blogs & Comics

There are plenty of blogs covering the old (classic) World of Darkness,  Here are a a few that the hosts have found enjoyable.

Read the Damn Book - Anthony Jennings brings his incisive flair for reviewing oWoD books, as well as other aspects of the game.  Always an enjoyable read.  It also contains industry news, Kickstarters of interest, and player and Storyteller resources for oWoD.

Chrysalis: a web comic - Set in 1969, this outstanding comic (sadly it is currently on hiatus) explores Changeling: the Dreaming.  The art is exceptional, the writing conveys a depth of emotional connection between that characters, and the overall narrative will be very satisfying to new and old fans alike.  

Kippers & Jam - Updated semi-regularly, this blog contains the web enhancements, and oWoD articles for the Midnight Express. There is an existing back catalog of material and more on the way.

Black Chantry Productions - Vampire: the Eternal Struggle has arisen from torpor with print-on-demand cards available through Drivethrurpg.  Lost Kindred, and Keepers of Tradition reprints are already available, with more planned for 2018.