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Web Enhancements 

The Midnight Express also tries to publish articles and resources that will spark chronicle ideas based on some of our episodes.  You'll find below our current catalog of articles, and new ones will be added in time.

Do you want to write for Midnight Express?  Email me at midnightexpresspodcast@gmail.com to discuss your idea.  
Please note that cannot pay authors, and we apply a Creative Commons licence to all works.  
Likewise, we respect the intellectual and creative output of creators, so only openly-licenced images may be used in these articles (with attribution).

Designing carriages for the Midnight Express [Wraith: the Oblivion]
Following the earlier Platform Twenty-Six-Seven article, Rose and BK turn their attention to designing carriages for the Midnight Express.  
Some general design principles are covered, and then three new carriages are given the old World of Darkness treatment.

Platform Twenty-Six-Seven [Wraith: the Oblivion]
Back in Episode 25 of the Midnight Express Podcast, Rose and I reviewed 'Midnight Express', a sourcebook for Wraith: the Oblivion.  In part one of the web enhancement for the episode, Platform Twenty-Six-Seven is outlined for use in your chronicle.  
The article presents a history of the platform, and Hierarchy control; as well as a small host of NPCs for your game.

miniMonsters: Go! [Werewolf: the Apocalypse]
As the masses rush across the planet - app in hand - in search of small animals to enslave, this web enhancement considers how such a fad could be positioned into the World of Darkness (specifically the setting for Werewolf: the Apocalypse).
It provides a precis of the Pentex involvement and how the app has been integrated into the business practices of some of the company's subsidiaries, as well as suggesting some plot hooks for Storytellers.
Whilst this is written for the Werewolf: the Apocalypse setting, it could easily be re-purposed for any of the World of Darkness lines.
Downloadminimonsters-go-web-enhancement  [360KB]

The skin's the best part [Werewolf: the Apocalypse]
In Episode 22 of the Midnight Express Podcast, Pete and I discussed Samuel Haight, 'The Skinner' from Werewolf: the Apocalypse.  Presented here is a distillation of chronicle ideas to use the most infamous of Garou in your own chronicle.  These ideas position Haight as a possible saviour of the Garou Nation, and the Rite of Sacred Rebirth as a desperate weapon against the Wyrm.
DownloadThe Skinner [Web Enhancement] [PDF;868KB]

Knights of the Cold Watch [Changeling: the Dreaming]
In the wake of our last Web Enhancement, Episode 19 of the Midnight Express Podcast featured the Knights of the Cold Watch from the Changeling: the Dreaming source book Shadow Court.
This web enhancement offers three developed NPCs with plot hooks for your old World of Darkness chronicle.  Each personality has background, role-playing hints and ideas for short-term stories or longer chronicles.

Daughters of Cacophony [Vampire: the Masquerade]
From Episode 17, this enhancement features the Daughter of Cacophony used in the Shard segment of the episode.  It doesn't provide stats, but does cover her background, role-playing hints, and plot ideas for vampire chronicles, and for hunters.
Our next enhancement will be Changeling-themed, and should be out concurrently with Episode 20.
Download: Persephone_Web_Enhancement_17 [766KB]

Halls of Learning [Mage: the Ascension]
Of all the Storyteller system games, Mage has perhaps the greatest affinity with the pursuit of knowledge.  The resources and locations of the chronicle need to reflect this.  One asset to the chronicle is the presence of a local (or nearby) university that can serve a range of functions from information resource, to employer, or even recruiting ground for the next generation of Ascension warriors.  This article aims to outline some of the uses of the university for Mages that can be applied to both Tradition- and Technocratic-based stories.
I have used some of the material on Mr Gone's site.  You can support this fantastic site by using the links on it the next time you purchase WoD products.  Every little bit helps to keep this accessible to the community (I'm not affiliated with Mr Gone, but I do feel strongly about supporting those folk who provide a service like this).

Numbers Station: A Chantry [Mage: the Ascension]
I first encountered Numbers Stations a few years ago; and wanted to incorporate the concept into my Mage: the Ascension chronicle.  This is the write-up of a Chantry based on one of these stations from my old notes.
The Firehouse (aka 232778) is an established Chantry populated by Apprentices and supported by a network of Custos under the direct control of powerful spirit.  Whilst the spirit seems nominally wise and benevolent, there are too many unanswered questions about The Firehouse to take its' agenda at face value.
I aimed for a balance of purposely leaving a lot of the information open to interpretation, with providing a solid base of material to work from.  As always, further development ideas are welcomed.
Download: Chantry 232778 [PDF 3.19MB]

Unsung Heroes [Werewolf: the Apocalypse]
This fortnight I rework an article that starts to explain my setting for Werewolf: the Apocalypse.  In the small town of Cedar Rapids, the Garou population has taken a serious decline and now the power-sharing includes Kinfolk taking a more active role in the Garou Nation.
There is some discussion on the role of Kinfolk, followed by a short write-up of the Caern, two NPC Kinfolk with an agenda, and some plot hooks.  I'll keep working away on this, and get some more info up in coming fortnights.
Download: Unsung Heroes [PDF 590KB]

From the Mind's Eye to the Table Top [Mind's Eye Theatre]
This week I present five ideas that I've brought across to my World of Darkness tabletop games from the LARP environment.  I ran Camarilla games for a number of years with the old World of Darkness and this experience did change some of my perceptions of how a tabletop game could be run.  I'm sure that others can add to this list, or even refine some of the mechanics presented herein; I'd like very much to hear your ideas.  
Download: MET [PDF]