2019 has been a challenging year, and I need to trim down a few projects that are neither family-, nor work-related.  Unfortunately, that means Midnight Express will be on hiatus for a short while, but back before the end of the year.  I've really appreciated the community over this time, and the outpouring of support and kind words from people that I've never met, save for brief conversations about particular episodes.  It just shows what a fantastic community we have in general.

Given my odd hours, and the asynchronous nature of writing, I might still have a few Storyteller Vault titles out during the year, but no promises.  Until we're back on the rails, the back catalogue of episodes remains open, so it's a good time to catch up if you need it.  Just remember that the Midnight Express is out there, traversing the tracks of the Underworld, somewhere out there in the Tempest, and it will be back on schedule soon.

My thanks to you all for listening to, and supporting the podcast.