Grab your Crusader Sword and Library card!  

Midnight Express wraps up the first season with a Companion Reader episode for 'Halls of the Arcanum'.  After discussing over holiday viewing (The Battle of Five Armies, The Equaliser, 47 Ronin, Age of Extinction, and Only Lovers Left Alive) the hosts review this addition to 'Year of the Hunter'.  

You'll find not only an in-depth discussion of the Arcanum, but tips for using this organisation both as NPCs and for a PC chronicle.

We also mentioned Lexicity as a good source for dead language material in the Public Domain.

Thanks again to forum user Wendell_Burke for the bumpers in this episode.

The books mentioned in this episode were:


Join us in thirty for the first episode of Season 2 - Changeling: the Dreaming!

Hosts: Adrian BK, Beckett, and Mark.

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