Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Midnight Express.  This episode is brought to you by our listener Michael (who generously donated funds to help with our costs - thank you!) and coincides with the one year anniversary of the podcast.

BK and Beckett expand a few of the popular forum topics into a conversation about storytelling; offering some practical advice backed up by examples from our own chronicles.

We do plan more of these types of episodes in the future.  Drop by the forum of our Facebook page and give some feedback - it helps us to plan for the next episode.

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The last year has been a fantastic experience, and on behalf of both Beckett and I, we'd like to thank the community for their continued support (and we'll try to get more of you on the show soon).  The conversation on the forum is always lively, the emails full of good ideas, and I'm really pleased that we're a part of such a great group of oWoD fans.

We also mentioned Read the Damn Book.  If you haven't read this blog, you need to.

See you in April, where we have something special planned.

Hosts: Adrian BK and Beckett.

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