Returning for a secnd episode, Frozen Fallout gets comfy onboard the Midnight Express to share insights gleaned from the recent successful GenCon event 'Madison Under Seige'. As BK enjoys a cup of Earl Grey, Josh provides advce covering:

  • Secrets as part of a character's 'beginning equipment' 
  • Motivating players to stay 'in character' at the table (and in the LARP)
  • Pacing your story and planning for low energy or player fatigue
  • The qualities of a good Storyteller (for both LARP, and table-top), and
  • What to do if your game should be labelled 'CAUTION: Story frequently sideways'

The duo then turn their collective attention on the Storyteller's Vault, discussing considerations for new authors (especially relating to price points, and how we value free content), and then finish up with a brief overview of the latest titles for release at Drivethrurpg.

Drop by the forum, the Facebook page, or send an email to to contact the hosts.

Josh has shared the Madison Under Seige Wrap-Up Video, Madison Under Seige Facebook Community, and the Public Game Files.  He can be contacted directly via

The titles mentioned in Episode 36 (and available from Drivethrurpg via the affiliate links below) were:

Changeling: 20th Anniversary Edition 

Yours to keep (C20 Jump start) 

Dark Ages
Legacy of Lies (V20 Dark Ages Jump Start) 

M20: the art of Mage

M20 Cookbook 

Now in Print! Wraith: the Oblivion First Edition (in hardcover), and Mage: the Ascension Second Edition.


If you haven't already listened to 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade: A Retrospective then you need to follow the link and start (once you've finished our episode of course).

See you very soon for an episode that pits our hosts Against the Cult of the Crocodile God! By Crom!

Hosts: BK & Frozen Fallout 



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