By Crom!

No, it’s not a long-lost Conan story, but rather BK and Wendell-Burke’s foray into the Hem-ka-Sobk.  Donning their fedoras, the pair delve into the darkest secrets and archaeological past of those who would eat your liver (without fava beans and a nice chianti), exploring the themes of redemption, whilst circling back to the question ‘how dark is your World of Darkness?

First covered in The Book of Crafts, these sinners-turned-cultists seem like a disconnected and odd addition to your oWoD games – until your hosts start connecting the dots across sourcebooks such as Rage Across Egypt, Chaining the Beast, Mummy Second Edition, and Bastet, and adding a dash of real-world history.  The episode rounds out with some plot ideas including the Hem-ka-Sobk, an maybe even alternate methods for PC members of the crocodile cult.

You can get your own copy of The Book of Crafts from our friends at Drivethrurpg, and support the show. 

Hosts: BK and Wendell_Burke

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