Josh Heath of High Level Games joins the show to find out if the Red Talons are right, and humanity needs to be purged.  Refining their resumes, Josh and BK start hunting around the business world of Pentex and the subsidiaries from the book of the same name.

From King Breweries, to Magadon, to Avalon Toys, the duo not only disassemble the business practices that make these companies so effective, but also pose potential story ideas for your chronicles.  Whilst the phrase 'the Litany says I get to kill everyone' is used at least once, most of the ideas are pitched at creating tension and deeper exploration of corruption in Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

We also discuss Josh's contributions to The Storyteller's Vault (check them out and support a fellow listener), and revisit some of the price point discussions from a previous episode.  If you want to see a group playing one of his modules, look no further.

Lastly, check out the High Levels Games Convention that will be happening later this year.

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Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex

See you soon, we have at least one Wraith episode, and a few on Storytelling, and Chronicle Design in the works!

Hosts: BK & Josh 


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