Hey now, what’s that sound? Wraiths are rising from the ground?

BK and Pete return to the show to discuss wombats, ashtrays, Stygian Black Ops, Batman, Ghost Rider, and The Risen (well, mostly the Risen – all the others are incidental). After covering the obvious similarities between this book and a Corvid-themed movie, they tackle the difficult questions about running chronicles with Risen, and how to use them at the table. They also pick up a few of the smaller threads in the book and develop these into more fulsome ideas.

The duo also discuss the links between Risen, and Geist: the Sin Eaters, reflecting that perhaps osme of the aspects of Risen are addressed in the new World of Darkness, especially those relating to societies of, and for, Risen.

From the Bookshelf:

The Risen 

Pentex Indoctrination Handbook

White Wolf Magazine 

Mage Tarot Deck (currently only available for Awakening) 

Mind’s Eye Theatre Prop Deck 

World of darkness documentary on Vimeo 

Join us soon for the big four-oh!

Hosts: BK & Pete.

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