Welcome back classic World of Darkness fans!  The Midnight express releases the fortieth episode in style, kicking back with long-time listener and co-host Wendell_Burke.  In this Cafe Car, we get to know Wendell a little better, and spend the bulk of the episode discussing the effect that producing art has on Wendell's interpretation of Changeling, and his style.  We discuss ideas for integrating the creation of art, the cultivation of Dreamers, and the role of Glamour in Changeling chronicles and introduce some of the 'big questions' that can be tackled in your game.

At the beginning of the episode I mention the V20 Hardback Notebooks available from the Red Bubble store.  Since the time of recording a number of new notebooks have been added including some of the Bloodlines.

Most importantly, I wanted to thank Nate from 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade.  You'll have heard us mention this podcast in glowing terms (you need to check it out - right now, go on).  We had a lot of audio issues in this episode after my laptop ran a number of updates, Skype did the same (for both Wendell and I), and then Skype MP3 recorder played up a little.  Wendell and I did three tests before the episode (all turned out great) and then something went wrong in final version.  When I put out the call, Nate stepped in to help and rescue the episode.  This is what community is all about, so make sure you go and listen to their podcast too.

Hosts: BK and Wendell_Burke


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