Rose and BK descend into the underworld to explore an much-underestimated Guild and draw the secrets of Phantasm from the Dream Union. They explore the role of the Sandmen, the promise they offer to the Restless, and the strange but compelling relationships of trust they need to survive. Also included is a discussion on the nature of Sandmen Ferrymen, and how Fetters can add depth to your game. There's lots of crossover with Changeling: the Dreaming (and a little Mage) that shows the potential of this book.

You can pick up your copy of Guildbook: Sandmen here
The journals we mentioned are at the RedBubble Store,
and Wraith 20 is now available digitally and via print-on-demand.

Join us next time as Rachel joins the team to co-construct a Changeling: the Dreaming chronicle.

Hosts: BK, and Rose.

The thunderstorm used in the podcast is HD Thunder Storm Sound Effect from SharpSwordSounds and is used under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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