BK is joined by Rachel who has worked with By Night Studios and is the author behind Rose City By Night (among other Storyteller Vault titles) in an experimental episode.

Over the course of the episode, they design and develop a Changeling: the Dreaming chronicle set in the 'happiest place on earth' exploring the urban myths, and seedier side of a once-magical place.  Topics such as giving characters choice, designing antagonists, placing meaningful NPCs, cross-over potential, and developing engaging locations are all covered as the free-flowing conversation applies a World of Darkness lens to the theme park.  The universal need for Storytellers to be given 'a hug and a cup of tea' is also discussed.  We also mentioned Veil of Night (for Vampire), and the website Behind the Name.

Make sure that you check out Rachel's work; she can also be found on Twitter via @Stolen_Fire

In Episode 43, BK will draw an interview episode from the archives, bringing it under the Midnight Express banner, and Episode 44 features Darling_Rose as we discuss approaches to the World of Darkness worldview.

Note that Midnight Express Productions continues to offer titles through the Storytellers Vault, currently covering Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage - with new titles slated for release across October.

Hosts: BK and Rachel.


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