Wendell returns in this episode to revisit the foundation laid down in Episode 28 with BK.  Together, they discuss how existentialism is an integral part of the oWoD, particularly as it applies as a lens for understanding motivations behind fear, and character development.  The hosts draw on their own gaming experiences to illustrate the points, offering both a micro- and macro-view of chronicle design, and avenues for expanding the options in any given scene.

During the episode, Wendell mentioned Hollow Earth Expeditions, we pointed to the forthcoming Chicago By Night from Onyx Path, and BK briefly mentioned the Symbaroum RPG.

Join the Midnight Express Podcast for Episode 46, in which Pete and BK cherry-pick their favourite ideas from the nWoD and V5, and import them into the oWoD.

Hosts: Wendell_Burke, and BK.

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