In the first of an infrequent series, the Midnight Express Podcast delves into other RPGs, movies, and popular media that can inspire your oWoD games, or provide some variety at your table.  In the inaugural episode, the Swedish dark fantasy game 'Symbaroum' comes under the spotlight; BK and Wendell brave the horrors of old Symbar, stride into the darkness of Davokar and unearth the roots of the game.  They explore various aspects of the game from character creation, to game mechanics, and the importance of mood, theme, and story.

Wendell points to Origin: Spirits of the Past for further inspiration, BK can't pronounce Modiphius to save his life (he'll do better next time), and they both agree that art like this, this, and this are reasons enough to buy to game. 

The books mentioned in the podcast were:

Symbaroum RPG Core Book (English)

Advanced Players Guide (English)

Monster Codex (English)

See you next time as we return to the World of Darkness and explore another aspect of Storytelling.

Hosts: BK and Wendell_Burke

Music attributionCastle of Darkness, by Lisa Cohen and Lionel Schmitt, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.


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