Rose and BK are summoned to the monthly Moot to howl at the moon, and review the Werewolf Storytellers Handbook First Edition.  Despite a tangent about Michael Kaluta's art (I couldn't locate his folio in electronic format, but here are his M20 Posters), they stay true to the path, discussing the use of the Hero's Journey, Auspice Journeys, evoking a sense of smell, Kami, and supporting anecdotes from their games to illustrate the guide in practice.

BK's Storyteller Vault titles can be found here.

The book spirits venerated in this episode can be summoned thusly:

Werewolf Storytellers Handbook (First Edition)

Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes


Graceful, Wicked Masques

Drums around the Fire

and the Nunnehi are found in The Changeling Players Guide.


Join us next time for Episode 48, where anything could (and might very well) happen. 

Hosts: BK, and Rose.

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