Hey True Believers!  The Midnight Express crew (Rose & BK) are joined by Terry 'Hates On Lacrosse' (from Mage: the Podcast) to talk crossovers.  Yes we have another podcaster crossing over onto the episode on cross-overs (it's all very meta, and we're expecting both Renown and Paradox for this).  Failing to make Terry flee after facing the horror of 'The Question', we plunge into the main topic.

After establishing the types of crossovers and what players and STs can expect, we examine five 'myths' - labeling each of them 'Confirmed', 'Plausible', or 'Busted' whilst offering our own experience.

Stay tuned for the follow-up episode over at Mage: the Podcast

There were a lot of neat resources mentioned in the show from podcasts (Mage, Werewolf: the Podcast, and Walking Away From Arcadia), individual episodes (Episode 21: Dark alliance Vancouver, Dice Pool Podcast: Session 0, and Darling Roses' appearance on Mage), and resources (White Wolf Wikia, and Facebook Groups below).

Facebook Groups (note: these are Closed Groups, so you'll need to click on the 'Join' button)

It's a good time to be an oWoD fan.

Join us next month as the count-down to Episode 50 begins.

Hosts: BK, Rose, & Terry. 


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