Welcome back!  BK shakes the rust off and with friend-of-the-show Josh Heath (High Level Games) the podcast relaunch begins!

BK and Josh discuss the Storyteller's Vault initiative, sharing their experiences of generating ideas, writing, layout, and promotion, whilst proving the real world is far more bizarre than anything they can make up.

Make sure you check out Werewolf: the Podcast, Josh's works on the Vault, and his most recent 'Many Names of...' series (for Scion).

Drop by the Vault Facebook page for the community, and let us know what you're planning.

Early Access: The Memory of Trees (Coming Soon)

Midnight Express will listeners have early access to 'The Memory of Trees', our first Changeling: the Dreaming Vault title, with a 10% discount.  Check back here soon for the link and release news.

Discounted content: Victorian Age Vampire

Each show, we'll offer discounted titles to our listeners.  This time, the Victorian Age Vampire titles are 20% off (valid until February 14), so check out

'The Deviltry at Whittlock Manor', and 'The Iscariot Conspiracy'.

MoT_STV_Cover1.jpg Whittlock_Manor.jpg ISC_Cover.jpg

Hosts: Adrian BK, and Josh Heath.

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