James and Jim act as out guides to The Midnight World, a new RPG Kickstarter that explores horror, deep story, and mental illness.  By explaining the games' origins, and personal connection to the main themes, our guests provide an overview that will be of interest to oWoD fans - whether as a complete game, inspiration for chronicles, or even to selectively import game concepts and rules.

Of particular interest will be the character creation cycle, and the discussion on the clock mechanic as a source of impending doom (and one a character can actively cause to tick faster). We also chat about making choices meaningful in stories, and James and Jim offer advice on running convention or FLGS games. 

If you like to know more, and support the Kickstarter, follow these links:

Twitter: @themidnightwor1 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themidnightwor1 

Youtube playtest: https://youtu.be/Sa7rfGAtc3M 


Join us soon for more Wraith: the Oblivion content, and a Storyteller advice episode! 


Hosts: BK, James, and Jim

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