Protected only by reed boat and Ferryman's Oar, Rose and BK sail into the Tempest to explore the Shifting Zones, explain Wraith geography, and draw on their Field Guide to Spectres.  On the way, they attempt a Grand Unifying Cosmological Theory, linking Exalted, Mage, Changeling, and Werewolf together, look at where ideas go to die, and suggest some uses for the many denizens of the Tempest.  

Rose also dips into the listener reviews and reads some on air. If you've left a review, you'll hear it read (with our thanks) in a future episode.

The field trip was so exciting, it's been extended, so watch out for Part Two - coming to a Necropolis near you.

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Part Two (Episode 53) is on the way, as well as episodes covering chronicle design, storytelling advice, and more Readers' Companion content.

Hosts: BK and Rose

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