Extending their trip into the Tempest (why not?), BK and Rose start with a round-up of additional lore relevant to Part One, including Legendary Plasmics (and how to forge their flesh), Instant Nihils, and the flesh-crawling plasmic ammunition for Maggot Revolvers.

Once BK has scrubbed these images from his mind, the duo delve into Harrowings.  Plenty of foundational information, examples, and practical tips are given for Storytellers who might feel this is a daunting part of the Wraith experience.  Finally, they cover the Appendix by constructing some chronicle ideas from the artifacts and relics presented therein.

As always, Rose reads a few of our reviews to conclude the show.

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Until next time! More Wraith content is incoming, as is an episode of Storyteller advice, and some additions to the 'You might also like...' series.

Hosts: BK and Rose


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