The first Midnight Express title for Changeling: the Dreaming is now available via the Storyteller's Vault.  'The Memory of Trees' can be accessed by Midnight Express listeners, who receive a special discounted price (link below, valid until February 21).

Product overview (32pp.)

Freedom and possibility are embodied by nature, not in the set, stagnant forms of the urban sprawl.  Forests especially place a significant part in the modern mythos of solitude, solace, and silence.  To the Fae, the Wyld and formlessness of potential hold a particular sway.  This collection of story seeds (Some Assembly Required) is loosely themed around trees and the wilder places of nature and memory. 

Memory of trees includes:

  • Chapter One: Memory and Dreams focuses on a project and the characters drawn to it, whilst also exploring a potential source and resonance of Glamour.
  • Chapter Two: Broken Saplings is focused on events and the lenses of morality that can be used to understand a tragic mystery in a small town.
  • Chapter Three: Metanoia focuses on lost opportunities realized too late, the weight of service, and a terrible price paid to live in the Autumn world.

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