Jan 4, 2018

Episode 37 - Hem-ka-Sobk, or Against the Cult of the Crocodile God [Shard of Darkness]


By Crom!

No, it’s not a long-lost Conan story, but rather BK and Wendell-Burke’s foray into the Hem-ka-Sobk.  Donning their fedoras, the pair delve into the darkest secrets and archaeological past of those who would eat your liver (without fava beans and a nice chianti), exploring the themes of redemption, whilst circling back to the question ‘how dark is your World of Darkness?

First covered in The Book of Crafts, these sinners-turned-cultists seem like a disconnected and odd addition to your oWoD games – until your hosts start connecting the dots across sourcebooks such as Rage Across Egypt, Chaining the Beast, Mummy Second Edition, and Bastet, and adding a dash of real-world history.  The episode rounds out with some plot ideas including the Hem-ka-Sobk, an maybe even alternate methods for PC members of the crocodile cult.

You can get your own copy of The Book of Crafts from our friends at Drivethrurpg, and support the show. 

Hosts: BK and Wendell_Burke











Feb 16, 2017

Episode 29 - It’s all in the reflexes, or Palace of the Jade Demon [Shard of Darkness]

china-1031557_1920.jpgIn the latest Shard, Darling_Rose and BK find Big Trouble in the shape of the the Jade Demon (aka Lo Pan) from The Book of Chantries.  They discuss the history of the Jade Dragon, and how to use this Nephandi and his minions for Mage (with some ideas for Kindred of the East, Vampire, and Werewolf for good measure).  

The recommended books for this Shard are The Book of Chantries, The Book of Madness, The Thousand Hells, and The Book of Crafts.  Remember that any titles purchased through our affiliate links help out the show.

The message boards mentioned by Darling_Rose can be found here and here.  You'll also find the links over at the Forum post for this episode.

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Next time, Pete and I suit up as wartime Consigliere to review a World of Darkness title and announce the first of our ongoing competitions - oWoD source books could be yours!

Hosts: BK and Darling_Rose.


Dec 17, 2015

Episode 19 - Knights of the Cold Watch [Shard of Darkness]

background-2032255_1920.jpgChangeling 20 is go!  The greatest event next to the release of The Force Awakens is celebrated with a Shard of Darkness.  

Once BK and Wendell curb their enthusiasm for Daredevil, they discuss the Knights of the Cold Watch and using flashbacks in the World of Darkness.  

The Knights can be found in the Shadow Court sourcebook.

Stay tuned for a bonus Readers' Companion episode next week.

Hosts: BK and Wendell (Shard voiced by Darling_Rose)


Oct 1, 2015

Episode 17 - Daughters of Cacophony [Shard of Darkness]

girl-945819_1920.jpgBK and Beckett explore the murky origins of the Daughters of Cacophony and how to use them in a game (whilst offering some home-grown conspiracy theories).  

They move onto the listener question 'how dark is your World of Darkness' (with a couple of tangents).

Hosts: BK and Beckett.