Nov 3, 2016

Episode 27 - White Wolf Magazine #40 [Storyteller Advice]

In this second solo episode, BK focuses on one article in White Wolf Magazine #40 - namely one on Blood Cults for Vampire: the Masquerade.

He breaks the article down, offers advice and background for creating cults in your own Vampire games, and discusses the motivations of would-be cultists to make it more challenging for your players.  As the community continues to rub off on him, there is even mention of cross-over games in this episode (without prompting).
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Host: BK  

Mar 12, 2016

Episode 21 - Dark Alliance: Vancouver [Reader’s Companion]

BK and Pete step into the neutral ground of Vancouver to explore the tenuous peace between Kindred and Garou.  They discuss the book in general, highlight some of the key locations and talk about how this setting (or smaller elements of it) could work in your own chronicle.

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Hosts: BK and Pete.

Oct 31, 2015

Episode 18 - A Fatal Addiction (or the plot writes itself) [Game Line Spotlight]

BK and Pete delve into the secrets of the second-class citizens in the Masquerade.  After establishing the role of the ghoul they explore archetypes (and how you can expand these to create interesting stories and conflict), providing more character to ghouls, and some ideas for all-ghoul chronicles.  They finish with a brief explanation of animal ghouls (crocodiles and panthers and piranhas - oh my!) and the possibilities they offer your game.

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Next month there will be a Changeling themed Shard with Storyteller advice.

Hosts: BK and Pete.


Oct 1, 2015

Episode 17 - Daughters of Cacophony [Shard of Darkness]

Episode 17 of the Midnight Express Podcast is now live.  BK and Beckett explore the murky origins of the Daughters of Cacophony and how to use them in a game (whilst offering some home-grown conspiracy theories), and the move onto the listener question 'how dark is your World of Darkness' (with a couple of tangents).

Hosts: BK and Beckett.

May 14, 2015

Episode 14 - Anarchs!

In Episode 14 Pete and BK cover the Anarch Movement and review the book Anarchs Unbound.  After Star Wars, Ultron, and Pete's brush with security guards (whilst trying to fulfil a Kickstarter achievement), the duo discuss the role of Anarchs and how they can be used in any oWoD chronicle.  The books referenced this episode are:

Safehouses (for Shadowrun Fourth Edition).
We also debut a new segment and talk a little about the Anarchs VTES expansion.
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Hosts: Adrian BK and Pete  

Oct 9, 2014

Episode 06 - Midnight Siege: the Review [Companion Reader]

In the first full-length review episode, Adrian (BK) is joined by Mike (LostHeretic) of Darker Days fame.  They look over Midnight Siege, the big book of conflict for Vampire: the Masquerade and how useful this supplement is for chronicle design.

The books mentioned in this episode are:
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Hosts: Adrian & Mike

Jun 26, 2014

Episode 03.5? - Vampire: the Dark Ages [Game Line Spotlight]

We're due an episode tomorrow, and it's a good news/bad news scenario.  The bad news is that Steve has been really ill and in no fit condition to record a podcast.  We're working on setting a date to produce the episode as soon as he's well again.

However, we'd like to make sure that you have something to listen to.  If you're new to the podcast, you might not realise that our first work was on a series of four Darklings for the Darker Days podcast, and Mike and Chris were kind enough to not only post them up, but also provide a bit of commentary at the end too.
To tide you over until the next episode of Midnight Express, tune in to the four (yes four!) episodes below and get your monthly fix of gaming goodness from us both.  You'll see that our style hasn't changed too much, and there was (even then) a focus on gaming advice.
We'll be back on deck soon enough, and remember to drop by the Forum.
These episodes are also available via iTunes.
Hosts: Steve & Adrian