Jul 29, 2016

Episode 24 - Project Twilight [Readers Companion]

man-2106810_1920.jpgThe truth is out there!
BK hangs his 'I Want to Believe' poster, whilst Pete forages for a pants suit before opening an unauthorised investigation into 'Project Twilight'.

Through the haze of Cancer Man's smoke, they unearth storytelling advice about keeping the mystery of the unknown, presenting investigation clues to players, fixing the Background: Favours (using LARP rules, no less), and Pete ambushes BK with the Background: Arsenal.

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The books mentioned in this episode were

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Hosts: Adrian BK and Pete.


May 8, 2016

Episode 22 - The Skinner [Reader’s Companion]

wolf-2227541_1920.jpgBK and Pete use The Skinner as the basis for a discussion not only around the latest title to feature Samuel Haight, but also some ideas on integrating this infamous NPC with your chronicle.

They cover off on some story ideas, explore the motivations for Sam's obsession with wolf pelts, and offer some critique on the Skinner's hunting glories.

We also mention the excellent sourcebook Valkenburg Foundation which will be reviewed in a future episode.

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Hosts: BK and Pete.


Mar 12, 2016

Episode 21 - Dark Alliance: Vancouver [Reader’s Companion]

street-art-1183812_1920.jpgBK and Pete step into the neutral ground of Vancouver to explore the tenuous peace between Kindred and Garou.  

They discuss the book in general, highlight some of the key locations and talk about how this setting (or smaller elements of it) could work in your own chronicle.

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Hosts: BK and Pete.


Mar 19, 2014

Episode 01 - When will you Rage? [Game Line Spotlight]

wolf-547203_1920.jpgIn the first episode, Steve and Adrian tackle Werewolf: the Apocalypse, covering the basic structure of the game.  During each segment, the hosts offer advice to Storytellers and players from designing antagonists to playing packs of all the same Auspice or Tribe.

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In From The Bookshelf, they cover a range of source-books for new and veteran players alike.  

This month, we draw down From The Bookshelf:


Hosts: Steve and Adrian